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Uninstall MageMonkey

Uninstall MageMonkey

Hi guys,

Trying to uninstall MageMonkey as client wants to use dotmailer instead.

However, previous development team disabled the downloader/ Magento Connect folder and when I enable it there are no options to uninstall any packages.


Is this an Enterprise default or a crazy development process?


How can I uninstall MageMonkey?


Re: Uninstall MageMonkey

aaaaand no responses? I'm in the same boat, both with the inheriting site with disabled MCM and needing to manually uninstall magemonkey... 


anyone? I'd started to look at the xml files to make the active = true into false, but there are many mage-related items there... not sure whether to do one, all, etc.

Re: Uninstall MageMonkey

Hi @rmccallum and @moorecreative,


Which version of the module are you using?

Did you try to ask this on the module forum?

They have an awesome support.

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Re: Uninstall MageMonkey



i dont know if its late, but here's a bash script

which uninstalls completely,like drop tables and remove files.