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Webshopapps Product Matrix Error

Webshopapps Product Matrix Error



I have installed the Product Matrix to my Magento store and i am having trouble making the "shipping group" extra work with my store. Everything seems to be correctly set-up in the admin and CSV.


If i place the shipping group name into the CSV that shipping wont work and states an error on my one page checkout. However if i remove this and simply place a * in this column the shipping file works fine with my website?


Any ideas?


Thank you




Re: Webshopapps Product Matrix Error

Drop the WebShopApps team an email on support @ as this extension is fully supported as part of purchase.





Re: Webshopapps Product Matrix

I need to set a shipping method that only appears when products from two shipping groups are in the cart. The shipping method must not be available if only products from one of the shipping groups are present in the cart.


Can anyone suggest how I can do this please?