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can not uninstall any extesnsions

can not uninstall any extesnsions

Hi there


My magento version is

apache is 2.4

and php is 5.6

I use lnmpa for Ubuntu

Now I installed magento

when i test extension. here can not uninstall or reinstall any extensions

here is the code.

Starting to uninstall community/socleverloginsharing

CONNECT ERROR: Failed to delete dir /home/wwwroot/yuexiu/downloader/.././app/code/local/Soclever/Socialloginsharing/Model
Check permissions

I reinstall magetn sometimes but the issue have still


Re: can not uninstall any extesnsions

Hi @tyrwx102,


It seems like a file permission issue and not a Magento problem.

Maybe this link to the official documentation can help you to find the right configuration:

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