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composer repository minimum-stability error

composer repository minimum-stability error

i am trying to install magento extension using composer but i get the following error no matter what i have tried.. [InvalidArgumentException]

Could not find package mageworx/module-searchsuiteautocomplete at any version for your minimum-stability (st able). Check the package spelling or your minimum-stability

my composer looks like that:

    "repositories": [
 "type": "artifact",
 "url": "searchextention"

files are in searchextention folder on root folder.

composer file on extension:

   "name": "mageworx/module-searchsuiteautocomplete",
   "description": "Search Suite Autocomplete by MageWorx",
   "require": {
       "magento/framework"      : ">=100.0.0 <102",
       "magento/module-catalog" : ">=100.0.0 <103",
       "magento/module-search"  : ">=100.0.0 <101"
   "type": "magento2-module",
   "version": "2.1.3",
   "license": [
   "autoload": {
       "files": [
       "psr-4": {
           "MageWorx\\SearchSuiteAutocomplete\\": ""

how can i solve this?? i am using php 7

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Re: composer repository minimum-stability error

To use this you need to use the "dev-master" version but composer doen't allow this by default.
Add/change a line in your composer.json file


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