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install extension by FTP

install extension by FTP

I am installing an extension under the instructions: "Use FTP client (such as Filezilla, WinSCP, CuteFTP) to upload or copy all the folders in your zip package to your Magento site root folder." . I use Filezilla but I don't understand  host field, username, password, port. Can anybody explain to me what are these fields ? (sorry for my bad english)Nonamel.jpg




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Re: install extension by FTP

Hi, filezilla provides some good introduction to FTP and how to use their application:


Host: Enter the address for your FTP server.
Username: Enter the username for your FTP server.
Password: Enter the password for your FTP server.
Port: This is optional, but use 22 for SFTP and 21 for standard FTP.
Click on the QuickConnect button.
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Re: install extension by FTP

If you are hosting magento on a shared hosting. then do the following .

Log into your Cpanel.

Click on FTP Accounts. 

here you can also create additional FTP Accounts if you wish . however, when you signed up with the hosting company , a FTP account was create for your automatically. 

at the bottom , look for your ftp user name and there should be a link like ( Configure Ftp Account ) . if you click on it , it will show all the info about how to connect and also will give you a download script that will configure all that information for you for your FTP Client . 


Re: install extension by FTP

Please contact your hosting, they will give you all required info (host, login, pass, port).

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