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php.ini problems

php.ini problems

Hi community, hopefully someone can help me for this is delaying me finishing my website and I've spent too many hours on this already. 



Please help me to figure out why the changes I'm making in php.ini are not taking effect on my site? Do I need to change the permissions on the file? Do I need to force the utilization of the file?


The scenario is I have magento up and running but for whatever reason I am attempting to install extensions and I get two errors allow_fopen and memory_limit_size I've adjusted both but still no luck. 


I even made the changes in cpanel and still no effect. I'm more than willing to provide you with any additional information you need. 


Re: php.ini problems

Hi, it could be that a different php.ini file is being used or another one is overriding the same values. 


If you call phpinfo() within a php script you should receive a list of ini files that are being used. 

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Re: php.ini problems

I hope you have already restarted the webserver to make php.ini changes happen. Alternatively, in some hosting environments you can use the .htaccess file already available in the Magento root directory to change the php.ini related settings like memory limit, enabling new extensions etc.Below is an example to increase memory via .htaccess file

php_value memory_limit 1024M

The same way for the other settings. 

-- Ravindra