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problem with url key and new theme

problem with url key and new theme

Hello everybody! I've installed a new theme on my magento and got a problem

The problem is I can't say to Magento which is the new Home Page. I set home to the new homepage  but when i go to the home page a Not Found error is showed. I had some mess also with the web configuration system. So, now, i don't know where is the mistake. I'm not already familiar with magento so this is a short description

- in the CMS - > pages I have my "home" set up with one column (like the old one) (in the preview of the home page the url is index.php/home/?___store=default)

- in the System -> Configuration -> General -> Web I set CMS Home Page the right home page and Predefined Web Site


- No need to reindex  and cache flushed

Any Idea?