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Add content to right sidebar below compare products

Add content to right sidebar below compare products

I have been trying to figure out how to add additional content to the right sidebar below the compare products but haven't figured it out yet, any help would be appreciated.


I hate wasted space, similar to the wasted space to the right of the logo and before the search box..... that's another area that I would like to use.



Re: Add content to right sidebar below compare products

Hi @dpalme,


Magento uses the refrence for adding any content to the page.

So create a simple extension and add the content to your file. Add file to sidebar refrence below the compare product block.


That's it.

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Re: Add content to right sidebar below compare products

Hi @dpalme,


You should also be able to use widgets for this task.


1) Create the static block with the content you wish to show in the right side.

2) Go to CMS > Widget

3) Create a widget to place the static block in the right side, by applying the correct data.


Press: Add new widget instances 

Type: Static Block

Design: Your theme (your theme will decide which position you will be able to use).

Press > Conitnue


Under: Frontend Properties

Give your widget a title (for internal reference).

Choose the scope (is multistore is applied).

Choose a position is more widgets is applied.


Under: Layout Updates

Press > Add Layout Updates

Display > Choose your desired position - Ex. All pages.

Block Referance > Choose Right Coloumn.

Template > CMS Static Block Default Template


Under: Widget Options

Choose your static block

Press > Save


Clear cache and refresh frontend.


Let me know if this helps you out :0)



-- Best regards --
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