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CMS Block for New Category

CMS Block for New Category

Is there a default CMS Block that I should be using for a new category? I'm not quite sure what I should be selecting here.


I do notice that when I set display mode to BOTH, the category does not show up in the menu on the main page....




Re: CMS Block for New Category

The other thing I noticed is that when I select an image with the category it doesn't seem to upload the image....



Re: CMS Block for New Category

It depends what your trying to display on the category.


If you choose "Display products" it will show products assigned to that category.


If you choose "Display static block" it will display a static block of your choice.


If you choose both, it will display both.


What is it you are trying to display on the category page?

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Re: CMS Block for New Category

Eventually it will be some text and then the product images, information.  


I was getting this from the user guide.


Re: CMS Block for New Category

This can be done withour using a cms static block.


CMS static blocks is use for easier maintenance in Magento. You will be able to use the same static block over and over again troughout your store, and only creating the static block once.


For Categories, the standard is image, description, meta title and meta description.


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