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Can't Install Magento : Blank page

Can't Install Magento : Blank page

try to install magento 1.8.0, but when i load install page i get:

Firefox: blank page

Chrome: This page isn’t working localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Please can you help me to resolve this problem

Work Environment : - Ubuntu 16.04 - php 5.6 - nginx 1.10.0 - mysql 5.7.18

Info can be useful: I tried to debug index.php & i discover that index file can't include /app/mag.php

Thank you

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Re: Can't Install Magento : Blank page

HTTP Error 500 is Internal Server Error and usually boils down to PHP error -- either bad version, missing module or plain old syntax error.


In other words, check PHP / PHP-FPM logs. Or web server log; exact location where it's stored really depends on server configuration and software installed.

Tanel Raja