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Cannot save category changes

Cannot save category changes

If i click in SAVE in Catalogue/Manage Categories, a new window opens up and nothing happens. If i close the new window my Manage Category screen just shows "Please Wait". I have tried different browers and I have installed over three times?


Re: Cannot save category changes



Please check into the console, if it displays any error or not. Also check the system.log file and exception.log file available into Magento root->var->log folder. This file will show the reason of the error.

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Re: Cannot save category changes

I have the same problem with my installation.

And there is no errors in system.log or exception.log.


Re: Cannot save category changes

please check php error log, probably you have same resource limits

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Re: Cannot save category changes

I dont have anything that can be related to this in the php error log.

in the technical issue thread i described my version of the problem a little more in detail:


In admin, when I try to save a category a new, empty widondows opens with this adress:

If I closes the windows the saving process i stucked with the rotating wheel and the text "please wait".

I can press back arrow and then, when I am back at Dascborad there is a text "The category have been saved".
This happens both when I create a new category or saves changes on an existing category.

The installation works good at localhost with Wamp-server on my PC so its not a webbrowser issue - more problem with sever. But what can be the problem, and what to look after?"


Re: Cannot save category changes

Has this been resolved? I am experiencing it on CE

Re: Cannot save category changes

This is a well known Magento "feature" of the flavor of all those long standing Microsoft style bugs we've come to love and expect and has been around since version 1.3.x.x


Still hanging around in


Many things have been tried over the years with varying success. Sometimes it's a server configuration issue, mod_security settings, a .htaccess redirect issue, a Magento index update to interface timing issue, browser popups, browser security settings, just general danged cussedness of the cobbled, makeshift reality of what we accept as the whole modern computer environment. Remember, programmers are clever which can be a whole different thing from intelligent.


The work-around is to have the frontend up in a tab, note that the category change has gone through on page load and then reload the admin page.