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Complete reinstallation / restore

Complete reinstallation / restore



First of all I am pretty new in handeling databases and server settings.


I already had a running Magento 1.9.
Today I tried to install all security patches. After this my system crashed. Magento didn´t load anymore and I can´t login into the admin panel anymore.
I have a database & media backup and a system backup from two days bevor. I also have a Server-SQL backup from four days ago.

Now I don´t know how to reinstall the backups, because I cannot run the adimn panel.


What I want to do is to clear all my serverfiles (except the backups) and reinstall magento. Can I load my current backups after this, or can somebody please give me a step by step instruction how to restore my shop?

Thank you!


Re: Complete reinstallation / restore

Hi @kissmeth


Please provide following information this may help to debug the issue. So that you may not need to revert back to old back up database.

1) Could you mention which all patches you applied?

2) How did you apply the patches manually or using SSH.

3) Does you magento has core files modifications.

4) Do you see any errors on front end?

5) Please check var/log location for the exception and system log.Please check what are the error messages logged there.


For Future Reference :

1) Always install patches on development environment or staging server.Test thoroughly  both admin as well as front end , if everything works well then only deploy to production.

2) If you are not confident about applying the patches seek help from a professional.

3) Never apply all the patches in on go.Always apply the patches one by one and test site properly before proceeding to new one.


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