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Downloader error: "Unable to read saved settings"

Downloader error: "Unable to read saved settings"

I am currently trying to install magento on a new server, and when I get to the download part of the install wizard, I get this error:


CONNECT ERROR: Unable to read saved settings. Please check Installation Path of FTP Connection.

Here's the info I've enterred:


Magento Connect Channel Protocol: Http
Magento Version Stability: stable
Use Custom Permissions: No
Deployment Type: FTP Connection (FTP info for server)


I've used this FTP info to access the server, so it is working. I've tried to chmod 777 the downloader directory, and I've moved and removed downloader/cache.cfg and downloader/connect.cfg. It still won't download, or even give me a more useful error.


Re: Downloader error: "Unable to read saved settings"

How do i download this... why so difficult... is it really open source.


DRUPAL have a download link on their home page, is that to much to ask...


I will not support magento sites if you make everything so difficult.