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Error applying patch 5344 to Magento CE


Error applying patch 5344 to Magento CE

Ran the SUPEE-5344_CE patch via SSH under the Magento root and got the following messages:

which: no cat in ((null))

which: no patch in ((null))

which: no sed in ((null))

which: no pwd in ((null))

which: no basename in ((null))


as a result, no patches were installed, but individually I can run the above commands on the command line, ex. cat --help, etc.


What would cause the which command to give the above results?


Since I got Magento (2014-Nov-24) the only patch that is needed, it seems, is patch 5344. The 1533 patch is already in Magento, comparing the Git comparisons from sashas7777 here


So I manually updated each of the files mentioned in the patch file; files are mentioned on a "diff --git" line after the "__PATCHFILE_FOLLOWS__" line in the .sh file. For patch 5344 and patch 1533, using the link above via sashas7777 is better.


Lines with a "+" at the beginning are added and lines with a "-" are deleted.


Hope this helps anyone else having problems applying the patch.


Anyone with a tip on the which command problem I encountered? Thanks!

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Re: Error applying patch 5344 to Magento CE