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Extension Installation issue

Extension Installation issue

As i am using magento 1.9 version i am trying to install the extension through magento connect manager i am copying the key and pasting error.PNGafter entering the key this want happens to my console can anybody help me with my issue and in back end when ever i am trying to install extension maintenance.flag file is getting downloaded and my admin part is getting lost when ever i delete that particular file again i can see my admin part can anyone also help why this happening thank you in advance

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Re: Extension Installation issue

First of all just so you know when working with magento connect it is not unusual that the maintenance.flag file appears and then you have to delete it to move on. 

Next, the looks like you need to contact the developer of the extension regarding the pkg file and the download. 

Hopefully by now you've solved this issue and this reply post is now just forum filler! Smiley Wink