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Hostgator - trying to install Magento!! Please Help!

Hostgator - trying to install Magento!! Please Help!

Hi people, 


This is my first post so please forgive me if I come across totally ignorant!


I wanted to set up a webstore and decided on Magento. I thought the easiest way to get started without too much trouble was through Hostgator and the quick install the offer of Magento. 


However I am have problems setting up the download to the simple url I have. it keeps asking me to add something after the domain name I have purchased. I am worried that after I have developed all my website and added all the products I will not be able to use the domain name without the .com/1 I am having to use in the url application to get magenta installed on my cpanel. Is installing magento to the root of my account wrong? 


Any response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


Re: Hostgator - trying to install Magento!! Please Help!

Hi @Adeal, you shouldn't need to add anything after your domain name. Have you tried contacting Hostgator for help in understanding their installer?


If you have already configured things, it is possible to change the domain name once installed. Which version of Magento are you using?


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Re: Hostgator - trying to install Magento!! Please Help!

Hi Sherrie


Thanks for the reply. For a moment I thought I would not be getting a reply to my first ever question on the Forum!!Smiley Sad


I managed to sort things out! after several attempts I got to set it up without having to add anything after my domain name. 


I went into the hostgator Cpanel and turned off the 'lock' on my domain name and tried to set it up and it worked!


I am now at the stage of deciding what theme if any I should purchase for my website. I am using the community edition of Magento.


Do you think a novice like me will be ok to purchase a theme and get the website up and running?  



Re: Hostgator - trying to install Magento!! Please Help!

If you're new to Magento, you should use pre-built themes for Magento. Find a provider that provide installation support, it's utterly important for a new Magento user.

I suggest you to take a look at this list of popular themes for Magento, they rarely contain errors/bug: