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How i can tranfer a website in magento

How i can tranfer a website in magento

Our website built in wordpress. I want to shift our sump pump replacement website in manento. How i can do it. Anyone help me


Re: How i can tranfer a website in magento

Hi @h2Oservice4d5a 

The process of transferring a Magento 2-based site from one local host to another one is not a time-consuming process. However, it has a number of nitty-gritty details & special aspects that should be taken into consideration before plunging into the process.


To begin with, let’s take a look at the main steps of transferring:

  1. Magento 2 site sanity check on the current host (A);
  2. Getting the remote host ready (B);
  3. Remote host check (B);
  4. Getting data ready for transfer; 4.1. File dump; 4.2. Database dump;
  5. Data transfer;
  6. Data unpacking; 6.1. Files unpacking; 6.2. Import of databases;
  7. Access data correction on the remote host (B);
  8. Correction of access permissions to files and directories;
  9. Standard procedures before launching Magento;
  10. Magento performance checks on the remote host (B);
  11. Solution of frequent issues.

See more detail: How to Transfer Magento 2 Site from Localhost to Server?

Re: How i can tranfer a website in magento

Hello jennacoppolino,  

Thanks for asking this.

How to move Magento from one server to another?
  1. Back up the files in the test server. ...
  2. Export the magento Database. ...
  3. Move magento files to the new server. ...
  4. Import the database to the new server. ...
  5. Update the database details file. ...
  6. Modify the base URL database table. ...
  7. Refresh cache and Reindex Data.   MonkeyCool

Thanks for reading. 


Re: How i can tranfer a website in magento

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Re: How i can tranfer a website in magento



The manual method of transferring into Magento is possible, not too complicated. However, it can be risky. Even minor error during Magento migration results in serious repercussions. Hence, if you plan to migrate from WordPress to Magento, it is effective to team up with the right Magento development company. The developers help seamlessly transfer your store to the latest, secure, and versatile Magento 2 platform. With end-to-end Magento 2 migration, you can achieve increased conversion and profits.

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