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How to install Magento 1 extension from zip file?

How to install Magento 1 extension from zip file?

To install a Magento 1 extension from a ZIP file, you typically follow these steps:

  1. Download the Extension: First, obtain the extension ZIP file from the vendor or marketplace where you purchased it.

  2. Extract the ZIP File: Unzip the downloaded file on your local computer. This will reveal the extension files and folders.

  3. Connect to Your Server: Use an FTP client like FileZilla or an SSH client to connect to your Magento server.

  4. Navigate to Magento Root Directory: Once connected, navigate to the root directory of your Magento 1 installation on the server.

  5. Upload Extension Files: Transfer the extracted extension files and folders to the corresponding directories within your Magento installation:

    • Usually, the extension files include folders like 2048 CupCakes app, js, skin, lib, etc. You should merge these folders with the existing directories in your Magento installation, maintaining the directory structure.

Re: How to install Magento 1 extension from zip file?



Hey, please follow the given steps:


1) Backup Your Magento Store

2) Check System Requirements

3) Extract the ZIP File

4) Upload Extension Files

5) Upload Files via FTP/SFTP:

6) Clear Cache

7) Reindex Data (if necessary)

8) Configure the Extension

9) Test the Extension


Thank You!

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