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Image not correct in CVC file

Image not correct in CVC file


Hi friends,


I am trying to upload our entire parts catalog including images. The images are already uploaded to the Import directory. I upload the catalog CSV file with image paths but many items have the incorrect image displaying. I tried this several times.  I just downloaded the product catalog CSV and the sku's have the wrong image path and image name in the image field. What is going on here? I can give the line of file please open it and solve it?

Please do this?


Re: Image not correct in CVC file

1. Add your images under /var/import/images/product_images
2. Add this path in the images file directory field during upload the file
Magento's default directory is var/import/images.

If you are uploading images under var/import/images directory then no need to mention directory path in the "Images File Directory" field.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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