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Images Not Correct in CSV File

Images Not Correct in CSV File



I am trying to upload our entire parts catalog including images. The images are already uploaded to the Import directory. I upload the catalog CSV file with image paths but many items have the incorrect image displaying. I tried this several times.  I just downloaded the product catalog CSV and the sku's have the wrong image path and image name in the image field. What is going on here?


Please help.


Re: Images Not Correct in CSV File

The way you phrase your question is seems that some images are uploading?


If so, you have the images in the correct directory.


I would suggest looking at the file extension. Make sure these are correct. I have also seen previously depending on the server setup - the file extensions can also be case sensative. So if the filename is . JPG you must have .JPG in the CSV.


Let me know your URL so i can have alook see if i can advise anything else.

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Re: Images Not Correct in CSV File

Hi Dennis,


Usually when you upload a batch of images, it isn't necessary to include the path, because Magento creates its own alphabetized directory structure for the images.  It is possible to upload images to a specific path, but it's more common to just place a forward slash before the image name, and let Magento figure out  the rest.  


In the CSV file, you must have the correct SKU on each row that contains the name of an image file to be imported.  That's what keeps things on track and associates each image with the correct product.


Have you tried to import product images using Dataflow?  Dataflow uses a predefined profile to simplify the process, but the preparation of the data is the same. Here's an article that explains how.  It also has a pretty good explanation about how to structure the image data in the CSV file.


This other topic explains an alternate way to upload product images to a specific path.  These are two very different approaches, and this really needs to be clarified more in the user guide.  (I'll take care of that in the next update.)


I hope this helps!





Re: Images Not Correct in CSV File

If you want to upload the products via admin ->import/exports.  First you have to create a folder in media ->import->upload all the images of the products and then goto the product csv file, image section you have to enter the image name with following file path like this 'media/import/imagename.png'.