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Instalación de Magento en un servidor local


Instalación de Magento en un servidor local

Dear Magento community, Good morning! I have the following programs installed on Windows 7 64 bit: PHP, xampp friends; And I have configured it previously using the 64-bit windows control panel (Internet Information Service IIS); My question is this: can you install magento on a local server using xamp? Since I have not yet contracted the host name service for lack of financial resources; But later if (as for test); thank you for your answer!


Enclosed companies offering hostname services:


Re: Instalación de Magento en un servidor local

Hello servinffrugone,


Yes, you can install Magento in an XAMPP environment. There are plenty of guides you can find via Google depending on your specific requirements.


It's important to note that running Magento behind any XAMPP environment is going to be slow, for testing purposes this is fine but I would not suggest it for a live store.


As per hostnames, you can use a free dns provider such as to point a free DNS hostname to your local IP.


Hope I helped!

Leslie B.
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Re: Instalación de Magento en un servidor local

Dear Lesli B, contributor to the Magento community, Good evening !; I received an email from Magento commando to my gmail mail ( today, June 9 at 5:00 am; I can only say that as a user who is researching on this e-commerce tool I am only perfecting on the creation of a virtual store but professional type to know what degree of perfection I get to have this knowledge; More not yet interested in paying for a domain, perhaps later in students months later; I'm actually taking a look at this tool and knowing how to install a virtula store; In an e-mail I was informed about the use of a webpage for free domain. My question is the following; When hiring a domain you can use the program FileZila Client to pass the installation file for the creation of an online store; Or use a tool like the c-panel? I tell you honestly I'm just researching about the magento tool to see if I can achieve perfection.


I attached a video of the Magento installation

Re: Instalación de Magento en un servidor local

It's somewhat hard to follow what you want to achieve, but I suppose you want to know what are people using to deply stuff to server.


While FTP-ish approach, such as FileZilla work, it doesn't provide any kind of failsafes. It's very easy to overwrite something and it's incredibly slow -- deployment could take hours.


It's much more convenient to use versiong system, such as Git for both versioning and deployment. It very fast as the deplyment is incremental; it only transfer changes. It also keep older versions of you files and thus acts like a failsafe. As an added bonus it allows to check for changes on environments (if there has been a security breach it allows you to discover what files have been changes). Git has its own list of shortcomings, but the list is relatively short.


There's also a method to combine those, using sevices such as deployHQ. Git is not available everywhere, especially when we talk about non-UNIX / Linux platforms and Virtual Servers. Those services help to get as much as possible from both.


There are other, vastly more complicated approaches using Continous Intergration, automations and whatnot, but they require lot of experience and deep pockets. So I'm skipping those for now.

Tanel Raja