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Install Magento 1.9 on AWS


Install Magento 1.9 on AWS

Hi guys,


I'm new to Magento and to AWS. I was following the AWS quickstart guide to install Magento, but the steps are for Magento 2.2.


How can I install Magento 1.9 on AWS? If anyone knows of an easy step by step guide, I would really appreciate it.


Thank you. Smiley Happy


Re: Install Magento 1.9 on AWS

I do not believe there are steps to install Magento 1.9.x which is as easy as the AWS Quick Start Guide (which is for 2.x). 


Is there a specific reason that you want to use AWS if you are unfamiliar with it?


You will face a lot less issues and headache if you just go with a simpler setup, for example a hosting provider who already has the whole environment setup and ready for Magento. Most hosting providers will also have an auto installer for Magento or will be able to deploy Magento for you without charge. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Install Magento 1.9 on AWS

Hello and welcome!


You may want to provide some more insights on your stack. While many paths exists to have Magento up and running on aws. Here's one that might be low cost and get you started.


1. For test or exploration purpose, use T2 instance that fits your budget

2. For stable application performance, medium or large instance e.g. c3.large or c3 xlarge might do the job

3. Use CentOS or Ubuntu LTS EC2 instance

3a. you may use one ec2 instance for the entire stack (easy to implement), or put your database on a different ec2 or rds instance (needs more knowhow to implement)

4. Follow Magento 1.9 install guide directions on PHP and MYSQL compatibility 

5. Download the latest stable 1.9.x version from Magento site.

6. You may want to use a step by step LAMP stack guide (google Magento 1.9.x install on lamp) e.g.


While this is not an end all be all response. I hope this post points you in the right direction.



Re: Install Magento 1.9 on AWS

James make an excellent point. Many robust 3rd party hosting providers exist. Most of them have economical plans to get you started. Unless you have a pressing need to use aws, you may want to consider expert magento hosting companies.