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Is Magento 1 CE becoming discontinued?

Is Magento 1 CE becoming discontinued?


Im a current Shopify user, and we are considering going with Magento as our next platform. But as the more research I do it seems now that they are bought out by Adobe, ...things are changing.


I did read about non-support as of June 2020 for Magento 1, or something of the sorts.


So as a person considering going with Magento within the next 6 months, what exactly are my options? I don't want to jump into a platform that is slowly dying out (non-support) so in the near future will there only be just 1 Magento platform available and no other choices? Will there only be ECE (cloud) 2.0?


Re: Is Magento 1 CE becoming discontinued?

Hey @bryan_kornaker 

I understand your query and situation.

Yes you heard it right Magento 1 support is going to discontiue by 2020 from Magento Team.

The reason is Magento 2 is out with much more capabilities, performance, scalability and security. 

Magento 2 Community edition is also there to choose, if you have large catalog and big store, go for Enterprise version of Magento 2, or if you want to choose Magento cloud for hosting, you can go for Magento cloud too. 
You have various options open, Magento 2 is growing like nothing else. Magento won't die in near future even as they are keep coming with new updates, patches, and developments. Magento community growing too. 

So you have options to choose community, enterprise or cloud edition and go for Magento 2 not for Magento 1.


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