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Issue saving products

Issue saving products



I have just done a fresh install of 1.9.2 and I have an issue that products dont seem to be saving in the database correctly. It saves some parts to the database but not others. I get the below. Any ideas what to do?


SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1044 Access denied for user 'cl46-megen'@'%' to database 'cl46-megen', query was: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE `catalogrule_product_price_tmp` ( `grouped_id` varchar(80) NULL COMMENT 'Grouped ID' , `product_id` int UNSIGNED NULL COMMENT 'Product ID' , `customer_group_id` smallint UNSIGNED NULL COMMENT 'Customer Group ID' , `from_date` date NULL COMMENT 'From Date' , `to_date` date NULL COMMENT 'To Date' , `action_amount` decimal(12,4) NULL COMMENT 'Action Amount' , `action_operator` varchar(10) NULL COMMENT 'Action Operator' , `action_stop` smallint NULL COMMENT 'Action Stop' , `sort_order` int UNSIGNED NULL COMMENT 'Sort Order' , `price` decimal(12,4) NULL COMMENT 'Product Price' , `rule_product_id` int UNSIGNED NULL COMMENT 'Rule Product ID' , `from_time` int UNSIGNED NULL default '0' COMMENT 'From Time' , `to_time` int UNSIGNED NULL default '0' COMMENT 'To Time' , INDEX `IDX_CATALOGRULE_PRODUCT_PRICE_TMP_GROUPED_ID` (`grouped_id`) ) COMMENT='CatalogRule Price Temporary Table' ENGINE=INNODB charset=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_general_ci



Re: Issue saving products

Try following steps:

1. Verify the database user has all permissions related to database
2. Try caching and indexing the Magento and then try to save product.


Re: Issue saving products

Apparently your user doesn't have enough privileges to create a temporary table.

Tanel Raja