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Magento Installation Issues

Magento Installation Issues

Hi , 

I have re installed Magento from scratch as there many patches to do. So ive downloaded the files and put them in my file manager on Cpanel and now when i go to my domain to install Magento its says.....


Welcome to Magento's Installation Wizard!

You are now ready to continue the installation process by downloading the most up-to-date copy of the Magento software.


Magento Connect Channel Protocol : you can choose HTTP or FTP

Magento Version Stability : you can choose stable , beta or alpha

Use Custom Permision :  you can choose yes or no

Deployment Type: You can choose Local Filesystem or FTP Connection


Then a Link saying Start Download Process


So i click on Start the Download process it does all it needs to do then have a link saying continue with download process and you click on it and it brings you back to the exact same screen.


Im not an expert on magento but i have installed it a few times and it didnt bring up this screen and i havent seen anything else like this.

If you can help it would be greatly appriciated







Re: Magento Installation Issues

I believe you've downloaded the Downloader version of Magento? 


You should download the Full Release version at the download page instead and you will not be prompted to download it during installation. 

Re: Magento Installation Issues

There is another issue, with full release.


After copying everything to ftp folder, changing the premissions for all files to 644, installation page shows with terms, after marking the checkmark I wanted to click contionue, but it doesn't respond.


Can't install Magento on a same server where 1.9.0 and 1.4 were installed.

Re: Magento Installation Issues

I am having the same problem with both, installer and full release. With full release I can pass the terms and conditions by renaming the .htaccess file but get stuck on the next page.


Any solutions?

Re: Magento Installation Issues

@FlashLight & @RicardoBRazil: I suggest opening a separate topic for your issues. 


One thing to take note about file permissions is that it may or may not be 644 for files and 755 for directories as this depends entirely on your server environment (how your server is setup). 


Your best bet is to contact your hosting provider or server administrator who can let you know the ideal environment or configuration. 

Re: Magento Installation Issues

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