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Magento NewUser

Magento NewUser

Hello Everyone:

        About Magento, Does it only use on Linux? Should i installer Php and Mysql before installer magento? which version i can installer for free?


Re: Magento NewUser

For development purposes, Magento can run on Windows providing you install WAMP, Cygwin and then figure out how to deal with the nasty spectre of case insensitivity when you try to upload the website to run in real life which will pretty much be 98% Linux for your live e-commerce server.


Or you can take the easy route and develop on Macintosh using MAMP. Since OS X is Unix, you're running a fairly native environment.


If you want the best of both worlds, you can run Windows 7-10, install VirtualBox and run your Linux Web Server as a virtual machine and have direct access to it from Windows. Since Linux and Magento go together like hand and glove, you will need to install Apache2, MySQL, PHP and a couple PHP modules like curl, mcrypt and whatever other dependency the Magento readiness tool says needs to be loaded using apt, yum, rpm or whatever the distribution of Linux you choose uses as a package manager. Often there will be a virtual package that includes everything you need as a LAMP package (Apache with PHP DSO and MySQL). You can then use whatever PHP development environment with git to do your programming under Windows, run and test Magento on Linux and then TAR and MySQLDump the goods from the Linux VM to put your finished goods on the live site.


And, yes, you will need to make sure you have a web server, MySQL and PHP set up before trying to install and run Magento.


As to Free, if you go completely native with Linux (No Windows, No Mac) for your development environment, it's all free, Magento, Linux, your LAMP stack. The only thing you need to pay for is the box you run it on.

Re: Magento NewUser

Chiefair, thx so much for your advice. it is very generate.

I will try to follow your step and install it.



(●'◡'●) thanks