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Magento and Plesk Permissions

Magento and Plesk Permissions

We had to jimmy rig the entire magento install just to get it to work on a new plesk linux box.   Not something I would expect from an established software system like this, at all.  My fear was that when you manually do things, some things remain broken, and you dont find out for months.  


That's pretty much what happened.  Months in, I am now unable to upload images to newly created bundle products.  It says "Destination folder is not writeable, or does not exists"  --- complete with misspelling "exists" ...


We have googled and found very little help with this.  Plesk permissions are a bit of a nightmare, but I've had magento running on a plesk box before with no problems. 

We have found suggestions to insert code that identifies the exact directory magento is attempting to upload to, then set permissions on it, but that apparently has not worked. 

Is there documentation on how magento should be installed on a plesk box anywhere?   Or can someone help me get this resolved ASAP on our box?


Re: Magento and Plesk Permissions

Hi @HLT1


Add and execute Magento Cleanup File from root of your Magento. So it can setup proper permission to Magento folders to let them execute without any issue.

If this doesn't work, try after running compilation.


Note: take backup of your website before running compilation.

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