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Managing multiple stockpile module?

Managing multiple stockpile module?

Dear community!


I am having troubles with my stores. I am the manager of 4 online webshops:

My problem is, that the 4 shops uses the same stock. However I have to manage each stockpile for the shops individual. Are there any such module that allows the stockpile to decrease the stock for each of the 4 shops as a customer buys a product from one shop? is the main shop whereas the 3 others are specialized shops that only contain either rackets, shoes or bags. 

Do Magento have a module that can fix my issue?

Kind regards



Re: Managing multiple stockpile module?

Only one I have used is the Wyomind advanced inventory one (just do a search for them in Google or Connect.  I'm not affiliated with them in any way).  Works fine but if you have any need to update via a warehouse API etc the synch scripts would need to be changed to handle it. 

Richard Cleverley
Magepim Ecommerce Services