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Migration Magento 1.9.x from a server to another


Migration Magento 1.9.x from a server to another


could anybody tell me if the following procedure is correct?


*/ Copy all files and DB from OLD server to NEW server

*/ Change the DB data ( name, user and password ) into the config file ( Where and which is ?)

*/ Change the host ip somewhere into the NEW db ( which is the correct voice ?)


And everything should work normal, isn't it?


Thank you


Re: Migration Magento 1.9.x from a server to another

Hi @lucablue,


Basically those are the steps yuo need to follow.

Here you'll find a highly detailed guide:

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Re: Migration Magento 1.9.x from a server to another

Hello @lucablue

1. Yes, Compress all files in the root of your Magento. You can use the transfer script. Make a php file in new server with name transfer.php and place the code like below.

<?php exec("wget"); ?>

This will transfer your files from one server to another.

2. Same for database, if you can export it using command.

<?php exec("wget http://domain/database.sql"); ?>

3. If you don't have access to commands, open phpmyadmin, select the database > Export > custom > Disable all foreign key checks > Go

4. Upload that too new server by making new database and import.

5.Configure the new database details in app/code/local.xml

6. Change the urls in database in new database by going at core_config_data table

7. Clear the cache from var folder

That's it.





Re: Migration Magento 1.9.x from a server to another

Hello @lucablue,


The DB config data need to be changed into: 


In DB first you need to make sure your domain name is set correct:

# In table

# Search in column

# for the following  values

# and make sure they are reflecting your domain

Very important: you need to clean the cache and reindex data, the cache can be done in 2 ways, from Magento backend: 

/** For cache */ 
# Select all and refresh from the following page
System > Cache Management

Or by deleting everything from from the following folders (this works only if you don't use Redis to store the cache and the session):


As for Reindexing, important especially if you have flat tables enabled, is done from Magento backend:

/** Reindex */
# Select and reindex 
System > Index Management 

You mentioned changing IPs, I assume you're refering to Developer Allowed IPs which indeed can be changed from DB in table core_config_data where you search for 


in column path.

This also can be changed from Magento backend: 

System > Configuration > Developer > Developer Client Restrictions 

Re: Migration Magento 1.9.x from a server to another

Assuming your old server is A and the new one is B. The process is:

Step 1: Copy code from server A to server B

Step 2: Export database from server A

Step 3: Create a new database on server B and import database file of server A to this new database

Step 4: Pointing your domain's Ip to server B's IP address

The details for each step can be found in this guide

Re: Migration Magento 1.9.x from a server to another

Thank you all for answer!

In these days I'll do the migration and I can say if everything went good.


Thank you again