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Minimum Server Requirements


Minimum Server Requirements

Hi folks,


We are considering upgrading our e-commerce platform from Actinic to Magento Community. There seems to be a slight bit of confusion re the minimum requirements of the hosting server. 


Our current hosting company certainly has PHP 5.3 and the required version of MySql 5. When we asked them, this company said that they didn't think they were right to host Megento and I am assuming that there are server requirements which I am unaware of.


Can someone fill inthe gaps please?




Re: Minimum Server Requirements

Hi @BeamingBaby


Please see the following link System Requirements for Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 and Community Edition 1.9.1


I would recommend you to opt for PHP 5.5 as in november 2015 PHP 5.4 is going to be in end of release cycle.



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Re: Minimum Server Requirements

Thanks for that - in point of fact we have already decided to host with a company specialising in Magento hosting.





Re: Minimum Server Requirements

Just to add that your current hosting provider may not want to host your Magento store because Magento is a pretty demanding application which will not run fast or smooth in a normal shared hosting service. 


As for the PHP version, yes you will want to go with PHP 5.5 as PHP 5.4 is going to be EOLed soon while PHP 5.3 is already EOLed (unless your hosting provider runs HardenedPHP in which case you can run any compatible version of PHP). 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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