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Need a one click install

Need a one click install

Because you system is so insanely crappy I had to post a picture of my message because for some inane reason it wouldn't allow me to post this. I do not like your engineers at all. Please fire them all...


I hate you


Re: Need a one click install

Hi @SChalice


Could you mention the specific issue which prevented you to post in the forum?(How to reproduce?)


By seeing the image posted by you it seems that you want to install Magento on windows machine. Then it is better for you to use XAMPP as it will install php,mysql, apache and phpmyadmin. So there is no need ton install all separately.


The error which you mentioned happens because of permission issues.(Troubleshooting Problems Connecting to MySQ)  



Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: Need a one click install

Initial setup on Magento will always be frustrating because you need minimal knowledge about setting up an apache server, working with mysql databases. Don't even bother with nginx until you understand security. You're hanging up on a quite simple task here of creating a mysql database and giving it access privileges. If this is too much, expect yet more frustration.


And using Windows is an exercise in pain as you have to WAMP/XAMPP junk and then when you need to do something that expects a Linux environment, you find yourself in a world of hurt. Then you transfer your site and find out about case sensitivity and the fact that Windows sucks at it.


Developers that have more than html beating skill also develop some basic server operations and linux skills and run this stuff on a Linux VM under something like VirtualBox. Tends to be less frustrating that way.

Re: Need a one click install

I am sorry my post was so confusing for you. My problem is creating the database.


Are you suggesting I cannot use IIS? If so, then yeah, your product is utterly worthless to me.



I have no problem installing apache, phpmyadmin, mysql, php. I have been using these applications for decades.


You guys fail to see the problem. I cannot create a Magento database! This has nothing to do with installing third party apps....


Create a simple php script that installs the Magento DB. It would take me maybe a day?



Re: Need a one click install

opencart installed in 15 minutes. Going to have to go with that one...

Re: Need a one click install

Don't worry, it gets better from here on out...