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New Magento Installation, having problems

New Magento Installation, having problems

I am attempting to install Magento on a FreeBSD Unix server.  I have MySQL, PHP and Apache installed. 

After untarring the file and placing it on the server, I am trying to get the instalation process started.  I have not been able to fnd any good documentation for the server setup.  Most of the setup details I find start once the install screen is up within the browser.  So, far when I try to load the directory that holds the installation software I get the following errors.

In the browser I get a : 500 Internal Server Error
Within the server logs I am getting the error: public_html/magento2/.htaccess: php_value not allowed here

I don't seem to be able to get past this stage, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Re: New Magento Installation, having problems

Hi, Kevin! Just to confirm - you're installing Magento at the path public_html/magento2 - I want to make sure that's because this is, say, your 2nd attempt to install Magento or a 2nd copy, and not that you're installing Magento 2.0. You labeled the post with, so I'm guessing/assuming that's the version you're using. 


First - has been released, so I'd recommend basing any new installations on that.


Next - it's fairly rare to see Magento running on *BSD instead of Linux. It's not impossible, it's just less common, which is why you're probably not seeing a lot of documentation on the server setup. 


Finally - your particular problem is in the .htaccess file. There's a line in the .htaccess file that starts with php_value. If you comment that line out, chances are you'll be able to get to the web installer just fine. If that does fix it, I'd recommend looking at your Apache configuration and figuring out what setting is stopping you from using a php_value setting in an .htaccess file. If I had to guess, it'd be the 'AllowOverride' setting in the Apache config that you'd need to tweak, but before worrying about that, try just commenting out that php_value line and seeing if the web installer runs. 


I hope this helps! Let me know if me or my team can help you get Magento up and running for you. 

--Joshua Warren - @JoshuaSWarren on Twitter
CEO, Creatuity & Launchpad.
Magento Certified Developer, Front-end Developer, Solution Specialist

Re: New Magento Installation, having problems

No I was not using the directory of Magento2, rather I was using the directory magento.  I did locate a problem, and the problem was the simplexml was showing in the php configuration, but when I would run an info.php to see what all was being loaded, I would not see the simplexml.  Even after re-loading the php extensions it wouldnt help. 

So, I reloaded the box with a fresh install of PHP, MySQL, PHP Extensions and Apache and I was able to get the Magento to install.  However Now I have a page that loads for the front page, but if I click on any of the links I get a blank page.  The URL is:  if you would like to review for yourself.  But for example if I click on "My Account" I get an error of "Not Found, The requested URL /customer/account/ was not found on this server."  Any ideas you might have would be great.