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Newbie Qustion - Stuck in moving Magento site


Newbie Qustion - Stuck in moving Magento site

Hi everybody,


Being a newbie is hard and sometimes almost unbearable. I have a problem I just can not solve as it looks like. I have installed Magento on HostGator at

I have received from the site developer the entire website but at the first trial to upload it a lot of problems occurred and I have installed a fresh copy of the latest Magento Community version using the original database.

All fine and most of it works but no customization anymore. I just wonder which folders from the developer’s files I should move into the new installation.

I have tried and tried but all I succeed or fail is to be forced into a new installation with every try. Any kind soul who can give a helping hand? Thank you and bear with me!


Kind regards to all of you!



Re: Newbie Qustion - Stuck in moving Magento site

you have to ask your developer what exactly he did, there any extensions installed by developer?

but probably you have to move everything (database too) and select proper theme package name.


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Re: Newbie Question - Stuck in moving Magento site

Thank you!


I have moved the database and the text content looks fine.

I can not get a hold of the developer and that makes things hard. There are no extensions installed by him as far as know.

So I am still stuck in lack of knowledge which I have to get from zero I guess!

Moving the whole developer installation is creating problems which I can not solve by myselt at this stage.


Thank you. If any suggestions I would be happy.





Re: Newbie Qustion - Stuck in moving Magento site

Now I have moved the media and skin folders from the developers package and I am back in the mess... Smiley Sad

Any ideea what I am doing wrong, maybe it is someting I just don't see....

Header is a mess, images as well... Can this be only a question of the settings in the design of the administration panel?


Thanks for any input Smiley Happy



Re: Newbie Qustion - Stuck in moving Magento site

Do you have ssh access?

First is making the tar file of dev site and dump its database out to a file.

Then upload the tar file and the database file to your new location.

Untar and import the database on your new location

Modify file app/etc/local to update the new database access detail

Re: Newbie Qustion - Stuck in moving Magento site

Thank you all for various expressed inputs!


The problem is now almost solved and the answer to this problem is below: