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No emails are not sending!!

No emails are not sending!!

Hey there,


iam using v1.9.1. and have an issue with the mailing system.

I read several solutions i found on google but its still not helping me :-/


The system is not sending any emails "new acc, restore password, order confirmation......."

My cronjob seems to workUnbenannt.jpg


Is there any fix for that?


Thanks in advance.


Re: No emails are not sending!!

see if mail is available and try to send email test email from php script

check error logs

MagenX - Magento and Server optimization

Re: No emails are not sending!!

First, check  your PHP and Magento error logs whether there is any problem with the cron. It might be that the cron script itself is giving an error.


If the cron is executing correctly, check your mail server logs for any outgoing messages. You should be able to see whether they were delivered or not.

Sindre M, CEO & Founder - The Magento Hosting Experts

Re: No emails are not sending!!

If it's not the issues of cronjobs, modules conflicts might be the one that makes sending emails in Magento impossible.


"When Magento is installed different modules at the same time to support sending emails, they may conflict and cause errors. For instance: Using SMTP Pro (old version) and Mailchimp together will make sending emails impossible because they both overwrite and extend function in Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template. In that case, we must fix the code to eliminate conflicts or disable a module"

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