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Noob question - how to turn off demo mode

Noob question - how to turn off demo mode



A very noobish question for which I am sorry already. I've tried looking it up, but no one else seems to be having this issue/question regarding demo mode.


I just installed Magento for the first time on my website, using an automated installator (installatron). This was provided by my internet hosting provider. Everything went fine during installation.


The installation works, and a default demo template has been selected. I like the colors, but of course everything else needs changing. However, when I try and place an order, the order will not be finalized as the store is in 'demo mode' somehow. When using Google, all I can find is how to turn off the Demo Notification banner, but not Demo mode itself. Did I need to do something different during installation? I cannot find the option to delete the demo website anywhere.


Also, I am not sure how to edit logo's and background images etc. I know that you can go to System > Configuration > Design, then I can see 'images/media/logo.png', but I have no idea how to actually get on the server and change the demo template image and replace it with my own logo?


Hope someone here is able to point me in the right direction.


Re: Noob question - how to turn off demo mode

Have you turned off the demo notification banner? Try doing that first and see if it works.


You may also need to setup some payment methods, etc before the order can go through. 


For the logo, you will need to upload it to your hosting account or server and update the link in Magento Admin to point to your logo. 


To modify the template to include your background images, etc, you will need to modify the Responsive Web Design (rwd) template where you may require some web development knowledge. Here's a good guide to start:-

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Noob question - how to turn off demo mode

I turned off the demo bar, but still an order would not get accepted. I have added two imaginary payment methods, with one being that payment can be fulfilled once the order has arrived, just so I can test out how the order system works. 


That said, I have migrated my domain name and hosting package to a new Magento-specialized server, making it that much faster. I still need a few hours before this transition is complete. I decided to remove the Magento package, and choose a new fresh installation. It seems that when installing, I got the option: ''install demo content'', which I now of course deselected to prevent this from happening again. Let's hope it helps. 


As for the website design, thank you for the link. I will study it later on.


To replace an image, can I make use of an FTP client such as Filezilla? I have some knowledge and experience with it, if II can do it with Filezilla I can manage to replace the images. I won't be needing that much design changes, I like the standard lay-out for now and would like to start off easy.


Thanks for the help!

Re: Noob question - how to turn off demo mode

Yes, you can use a FTP client like Filezilla to upload images to your website. 


For the pages in your website, you do not need to use FTP to upload the images as they can be uploaded with the image uploader in your CMS section of Magento Admin. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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