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Permissions Issues

Permissions Issues

I keep getting this error. Can someone please help



You don't have permission to access /magento/ on this server.

Apache/2.4.18 (Win32) PHP/5.6.19 Server at localhost Port 80


Re: Permissions Issues

@Sigmaproserv reset file and folder permission.


File 644 

Folder 755

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Re: Permissions Issues

Also, it's possible that you installed your Magento somewhere else and the web server is trying to read empty folder and fails. Because, you know, directory listing is disabled or something.

Tanel Raja

Re: Permissions Issues



Can you please specify


1. In which folder you have put your magento code?

2. Whether you have created an alias in your webserver? 


If you don't have created alias then create one and then try,



Kashif Saleem