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Products do not appear - Magento

Products do not appear - Magento

I have finished istalar Magento and when I finish configuring, all the Products I add do not appear in the Virtual store, someone can tell me why it does not appear, what can I do to solve this problem.


Re: Products do not appear - Magento

First off why aren't you using version at least? Products can be hidden as well is Visibility set as Catalog, Search for the products? Products in Categories? Try searching for products using search button to see if it is at least getting it that way.

Re: Products do not appear - Magento

You must need to set product visibility to Catalog and Search. also check your product is in stock?


Jigneshkumar Aakoliya

Re: Products do not appear - Magento

Additionally to Visibility, Stock Availability and Categories settings mentioned above you can also check the following:

  • Status - Enabled
  • Website/ store view (make sure that your goods assigned to the same store view that you are checking at front-end)
  • And the last, but lot least - clear cache and perform re-index

Hope this helps.

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Re: Products do not appear - Magento

You don't see any product on homepage maybe due to permission for catalog/product_list was not set. Go to System->Permissions->Blocks to set permission

If products still no appear, try to follow this step by step tutorial:


Hope this helps