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Products on home page (2 raws)


Products on home page (2 raws)

Hi there,


on my home page there is one raw for my items (featured, specials..) and 5 items to see.

I will place 10 items in 2 raws, I checked widget but can not find it.. Where can I configure it?




Re: Products on home page (2 raws)

Hi @smartgrafik


It sounds a bit like you are using a none default widget since I'm not sure there is a featured items widget by default in Magento. Its up to the widget creator to implement this, the ability to add multiple rows. AFAIK in the new products widget you have a limit on that can be set. 


If its not in the widget you either need to use a different form of implementing this, by creating your own widget, or preferably by using the layout. 

Re: Products on home page (2 raws)



Change a setting on widgets Smiley Happy thanks