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Question about Downloader.php

Question about Downloader.php

I'm very new to Mageneto and am attempting to install the CE on a Godaddy shared Linux server. I tried to use the downloader.php as per the installation instructions and everything worked fine until entering the starting the actual product download. I entered the FTP credentials but would get a 503 error when starting the download. I know the credential information is correct as I gave up and am uploading the entire CE package via fireftp. I am also able to gain FTP access via a web browser (using the configured username/password). The question is... exactly in what format are credentials entered (i.e.,,,


Oh... I'm supposed to introduce myself...

My name is Mike. I like short walks along the beach... favorite color is 'clear'.


Thanks for the help!



Re: Question about Downloader.php

Please try server IP address or as Host in FTP detail. I hope it will help you.