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Removing Learn More and Add To Compre

Removing Learn More and Add To Compre



Still very green where Magento is concerned and still trying to get to grips with it all. Can anyone tell me if it's easy to remove 'Learn More' and 'Add To Compare' to my product listings. I just want the 'Add To Wishlist' functionalilty to remain.


Magento site


Thanks for any advice you can throw my way.






Re: Removing Learn More and Add To Compre

This will be an XML update, I would recommend reading the Magneto design guide to help you build you custom theme.


After reading this you will have a better grasp on how to make the changes you are asking for. 

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Re: Removing Learn More and Add To Compre

Hi @deniewibly,


Looks like the "Learn more" text on your site is template specific ?

You could make a "display:none" using the styles.css for a quick hide (not the most elegant way).


And for the "Add to compare" you can reference this article:


And please follow the advice from @Brent W Peterson - if you not already did. This will give you a major advance in your future work with the Magento platform.

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