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Sub-Categories diplsay mode

Sub-Categories diplsay mode

I'm using the RWD with my own tweaks and modifications.


I have created a category setup like the following:





Gloves is a sub of Apparel, which is a sub of Root.


When I click on Apparel on the main navigation bar, I need for gloves to display in some fashion on that page.  Preferrably in a column along the left side of the page, but if someone has a better recommendation I'm all ears.



Re: Sub-Categories diplsay mode

Hi @dpalme 


If you have your Apparel category set to be anchored, and no products currently in the gloves category it wont show in the layered navigation before you do have that. However you can insert the default leftnav on your Anchored categories with this simple XML change in your template



    <reference name="left_first">
        <block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.realleftnav" after="currency" template="catalog/navigation/left.phtml">


I hope this helps :-)


Re: Sub-Categories diplsay mode

so if i'm understanding you correctly, if the top level is "anchored", which mine is, the sub category of "gloves" won't show the left nav unless I have products assigned to it?


Re: Sub-Categories diplsay mode


Re: Sub-Categories diplsay mode

Correct it won't show the left nav unless you have products assigned to it?

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