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Test Website Redirects not working


Test Website Redirects not working



I am just starting out with Magento and I have run into a snag. I am hoping someone can help.


I have the test website loaded

When I try to open a page within the website/category/etc...say i want to open Accessories>Eyewear it returns a redirect error and my url looks like this.


If I remove all the ~clutchwe/ and instert index.php/eyewear.hml after the of the url it redirects just fine. but the URL looks like this.


How do i fix this. I want to be able to go to say MEN>VIEW ALL MEN and have it go to the right page.


I have checked the Config >WEB> Redirects and have it set to YES

I have cleared the cache and reindexed all the info


Thanks for the help!


Re: Test Website Redirects not working

nevermind, didn't have hidden files allowed on the file manager...


still looking for a resolution...

Re: Test Website Redirects not working

It had to have been deleted by someone or was never uploaded.


Is there an htacess.sample in the root directory? Rename that to .htaccess

Chris / Placement Edge

Re: Test Website Redirects not working

Thanks for the response, the .htaccess is there


So I am still stumped


Found several articles that say put code in the .htaccess, or uncomment the "RewriteBase /magento/" and replace it with "Rewritebase / "


But I feel there is something else going on that I am missing...possibly with my sql?

Re: Test Website Redirects not working

i also have two .htaccess files in the root






Which one should be there? And which one does the text storefront use?

Re: Test Website Redirects not working


The htaccess.sample will not be active.

Try these little debugging tricks first.


Rename your .htaccess to .htaccess2 - test the site.


In your MySQL Empty/Truncate core_url_rewrite table from Database. Now reindex your catalog. (Only do this if the site is a development site.)


In your Admin panel visit System -> Web -> Search Engine Optimisation -> Use Web Server Rewrites -> Yes


These more than likely will not fix your issue - but will help me narrow down the cause.


Please post your results.


Kind Regards

Freelance Web Developer - Graphic Designer - SEO Analyst
Conor Rhys Tomkins

Re: Test Website Redirects not working



 Thanks for the reply. Change the .htaccess results in an error saying I have an invalid version of PHP. This would not allow me to use the site (understandable) so renaming the .htacess2, to .htaccess allows the site to come back up, so if you were thinking it was reading the were correct it was reading the right file. (I assume that is what you were testing to make sure it was not reading hte wrong file)



When I empty the core_url_rewrites then reindex the site/catalog I run into the same problem, when I try to click on Accessories>Eyewear, it sends me to


I still don't understand why it adds the ~/clutchwe even on the base url...


I read an obscure line in a stack overflow or somewhere that you shouldn't do the install with the SSL check boxes, etc...could that be causing a problem?



Thanks for the help!!!!


Re: Test Website Redirects not working



Hello, are you on your own VPS?


To me it sounds like there is an issue with the hosting setup. If you are on a shared hosting please contact your hosting provider.


This will check to see if your server is compatible with Magento. Its a strange issue which may be an issue with your server setup. I cant guarantee this but this is where i would continue debugging.


Freelance Web Developer - Graphic Designer - SEO Analyst
Conor Rhys Tomkins

Re: Test Website Redirects not working

So I solved the problem...


After tons of reading, countless stackoverflows, reddit post, blog articles, calling my friends who are web developers, brother in law who has a web business I got no where. So, being almost confident this is a problem I caused while doing the initial installation I decided to go for broke, here is what i did.


Remember this is a development enviornment that I have on a shared hosting platform, if you are doing this on a private dedidcated box, I am not sure if this will work. (yes I know the website is outward facing but this is the easiest way I can get my friends around the world testing my websites)


1. Went into my cPanel

2. Logged into File Manager (Make sure you have "show hidden files checked" when you log in)

3. Go to your public_html where you should have installed Magento

4. Select everything, I mean EVERYTHING...and delete the crap out of it

5. Log into myPHPadmin

6. Select the database that has your Magento install

7. Drop every single table in the database

8. Download a clean version of Magento

9. Use your FTP (filezilla) not the one in the cPanel to upload magento to your Public_html folder

10. Download your sample data folder, or reuse the one you downloaded

11. Log back into your myPHPadmin

12. Go to the Import tab at the top, note make sure you are in the the correct database the one you are going to install all the magento stuff into

13. Click on Browse, and browse to the magento sample data folder and the sql install script

14. Click Go

15. Now go bak to your FTP (Filezilla) and copy the contents of the Media folder *****MINUS THE .htaccess file***** to public_html/media folder

16. Go to your URL/index.php/install in your browser, and go through the install process again just as you normally would

17. Once you go through the install go into the backend, and reindex everything, and clear the image caches, etc...


Now i have one slight glitch where the front page/home page swatches at the bottom are not showing up but they show up when you click on them...I didn't go through the Media>Skin>rwd>default whatever it is, and I thin that is the problem...I will fool around with it later.



Long story short...the devil is in the details, make sure you install magento correctly on a shared hosting platform through cPanel correctly! Like I thought, I screwed up the install, just was hoping there was a way around it without having to do everything from scratch.



Re: Test Website Redirects not working

Glad you hear the problem is resolved.

Freelance Web Developer - Graphic Designer - SEO Analyst
Conor Rhys Tomkins