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USPS Issue

USPS Issue



I am working on a website built on Magento 1.7.2.  This store was setup awhile ago, but never completed.  When i go through the checkout process and get to the shipping method in which I have USPS enabled I get the message "Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time.".


I have checked through the forums in which i found many posts and have gone through all settings they recommend.  I have checked and double checked our username/password combo.  I have made sure our products have weight requirements and that our minimum weight is fine.  I tried lots of little techniques individuals said to try.


I see lots of forum posts about USPS patch that is needed, but it seems like its dated in 2013, so I assume this doesn't apply to our store.  If that may be the issue; and we need a patch then which patch would i need, where would i find it?   Those previous posts mostly lead to broken links and old information.


I am new to Magento; so please keep it basic for me.  I have attached my basic settings screenshot.



Thanks for any help you can provide.



Re: USPS Issue

Hi @playerocity


Go to following link and select release archive tab.

Under this tab you can find all the patches release for the USPS.


Also in your configuration settings Enable the debug mode to get a error log generated.Which may help you to find the root cause.

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