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Unable to Import Sample Data into Database

Unable to Import Sample Data into Database

I am not sure if this relates to this topic but I am unable to import the sample data to the database.  I am in Go Daddy and using the phpMyAdmin to do this.  The Magento CE 1.9.1 installation procedure in Stage 1 in the documentation recommends using phpMyAdmin to do this but  it refers to the Command Line to enter the following.


mysql -u <root user> -p <magento-db-name> < <path-and-filename of db-script>


There is no command line in phpMyAdmin.


Can someone tell me where the above code is entered in order to import the Sample Data to populate a new database.


Both Magento and the Sample Data have been uploaded to the server


Re: Unable to Import Sample Data into Database

I've split your message into your own topic. Smiley Happy


The command line you refer to cannot be performed within phpMyAdmin but will require SSH or Shell Access. 


You should be able to import the magento_sample_data_for_1.9.0.0.sql file with the import feature in phpMyAdmin without using the command line. 


If the file is too large to be imported by phpMyAdmin, you will either need SSH Access to import it or have your hosting provider import it for you. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Unable to Import Sample Data into Database

Thanks James for your response.  Since posting this, I have found another version of Magento within the Applications section of my host company's website.  They didn't bother to tell me there is access to an updated version of Magento from there.


<< Snipped >> 


Regards and thanks again.