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Web access option


Web access option

Hello magento support

While I'm installing magento set up on my local machine. In configuration web access option Base Url field I filled the address : http:.//localhost/magento and after make a click on continue button I got error message.

Please enter a valid URL. Protocol is required (http://, https:// or ftp://)




Re: Web access option

Can you confirm you do not have a mis-spelling in your url? 


Are you able to login to Admin?


How did you set this URL?

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Re: Web access option

Hello support 

I found there is some problem in Localhost .  Installed same set up on my live server and it work fine. But I don't know why its not working on localhost. Even it work while I use Public IP.

Is there any setting for 1.9.2 magento for localhost. Please reply asap.


I'm sure Myusrl is correct

No I'm not able to Login Admim
Url are detect by default



Re: Web access option



Instead of localhost use this ip, it will works fine.


Ex: your base url is



Kumar B

Re: Web access option

Tks Kumar Sp, 


I changed url to and worked just fine.

Re: Web access option it's not work

Re: Web access option


Re: Web access option


I changed localhost by, error is skipped, but it return me to configuration, not to create admin account

what should I do next


thank you

Re: Web access option

Ok solved, whe I put also in the host field, not only in the URL

Re: Web access option

Not  working is there any solution