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applied.patches.list file missing


applied.patches.list file missing


I am using Magento Version and now upgraded to latest version from connect manager.
From the forums i have know that the installed patches are available in applied.patches.list file in /app/etc folder.
But in my website applied.patches.file was not there.
How can i check that all the patches are available with my magento upgrade.
How to confirm that the upgrade is successfull not just by checking the version at the bottom of the page from backend.


Please suggest any solution.



Re: applied.patches.list file missing

Hi @RizeTech


If the file is not present at the specified location there may be following reasons.

1) No patch was run in the past.

2) File was deleted after the patch run.

3) If you used version control the file might not be committed after applying the patch.


If you have upgraded the Magento properly to the latest version then you need not to worry about the previously released patches.

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: applied.patches.list file missing

Hi @muk_t

Thanks a lot!