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import/export error - Max Execution time - MAG

import/export error - Max Execution time - MAG

Going to preface this with I'm the business guy with some level of a comfort on the tech side.  I can edit php files and follow basic logic.  I'll apologize in advance for stupidity.


Site runs on Linux VPS 2 gig ram, 1.5Tb bandwidth.


Trying to implement new Magento store and would like to export complete product and categories csv consisting of roughly 42k skus.  The process I'm using is running a dataflow profile.  Each time I run I get 


Fatal error

      : Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in


      on line




But nothing on that line except  

$sql = preg_replace("/$rx/Us", '', $sql);



SO I go into php.ini file and adjust

max_execution_time = 180 (was 30)
max_input_time = 180 (was 60)
memory_limit = 512M (was 256M)


Rerun and I get same error line 185.  Text of line:


 $expr = new Mage_Core_Model_Translate_Expr(array_shift($args), $this->_getModuleName());


So, what am I missing?






Re: import/export error - Max Execution time - MAG


Increase max_execution_time value according to num. of products you need to import.

You can read following github thread for more info.



Jignesh Aakoliya