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question about language configuration

question about language configuration



 my template came with Englsih, french, Russian translation (storeview). Meaning in upper right corner I can choose any of these languages...

But I want my site in Norwegian, how do I do that?

Can I remove the storeview for french and russian, then translate English to Norwegian? How can I do that? Or is there a better way like downloading the norwegian translation from some kind of Magento App store?

Also client want to use google translate, so that Norweigan is defauled language and then no translation is needed for Norwegian visitors (90% of visitors are norwegians anyway). For other foreigners client want to use google translate
Is there an app from magento app store I can install that do this?

PS: Not sure if magento app store exist, I'm pretty new to magento

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Re: question about language configuration

Hi @Loginname,


You can choose the locale (language and some extra details) configuration as you want.

If you don't have the language package, the store will be shown in English (en_US).


If you want to delete the stores views, you can do that from System -> Manage Stores.

(Please, make a backup before perform those tasks).


I didn't found complete Norwegian packages for Magento 1. Maybe you should try to be in touch with some local agency or developer.

If not, maybe this could help:


Then, there are some free plugins that shows the Google Translate widget to your store (but since the store will be showed in english maybe you don't need it).

If you still want to use that solution maybe you can check the Magento's Marketplace:


I didn't found anything right now (but I know there are options). I got a old free module published on GitHub that allows  you to do somehting like this:


2014-06-25-04.pngSet the translator widget


2014-06-25-05.pngTranslate the store using Google Translate



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