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version compare (modules)

version compare (modules)

Hi There,

my name is sebastian, i'm new here - as because i'm thinking of changing my shop-software from currently modified-shop to magento. Generally i'd like to know if it would be possible to run a EE and installing CE-modules? The EE bring a few interesting features, but prices of modules shoked me a little.... Smiley Surprised


Best regards, Whiteflash.


Re: version compare (modules)

Hello @Whiteflash 


You want to use EE with CE compatible extensions, why are you doing so? As there must be compatibility issues between both, however being a developer I know sometimes it works but it may get you in trouble in longer time. I would rather suggest you to use community version if you can't afford EE version. Most of the features can be achieved in CE version using 3rd party plugins,

Prices of EE compatible extension will be high obvioiusly and that is fact.

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