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1.9.x to Magento 2 migration failure

1.9.x to Magento 2 migration failure

The documentation for the migration tool at is very bare bones and unhelpful, but I did what I inferred that I should do, and came up with nothing actually migrated, despite it giving positive confirmation and no errors.


For the settings, I pointed it at the app/etc/local.xml file from Magento 1, as that is the file that actually has config info in it, rather than the config.xml file which is just the unmodified source version that comes with the software.


It said "Migration Complete".


Then I did the same with the data, and it again said "Migration Complete".


I copied over the product image files manually.


Visiting the Magento 2 verison of the store, there is nothing there.  Nor on the admin interface.  Checking the SQL database for the Magento 2 store, nothing got imported.


Any ideas appreciated.   This is from community edition to community edition.